5 Things You Need to Know About Tooth Whitening If You Have Dental Fillings

27 May 2020
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Tooth whitening is one of the most popular procedures that cosmetic dentists carry out. If you have fillings, you can still take advantage of the benefits of professional tooth whitening. Here are five facts you must know to help you make the most of all that teeth whitening has to offer. 1. Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safe for Dental Fillings Cosmetic dentists use a solution of carbamide peroxide to remove stains from teeth. Read More 

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Dentures

26 May 2020
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Dentures are one of the solutions for a missing tooth or missing teeth. You can come across the following: Upper Full Denture – This is a denture placed on the upper side of your mouth that has the full set of upper teeth. You get an upper full denture if you have lost all your upper teeth. It is supported in your mouth by your upper gum and your pallet. Read More 

Why Switch to Water Flossing During Orthodontic Treatment?

21 May 2020
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While your orthodontist manages your braces, you still need to see your dentist regularly. Your dentist needs to keep a general eye on your teeth and oral health. If you're wearing metal braces, then your dentist will want to check that you are cleaning around the posts as well as you can. These posts are permanently fixed to the front of your teeth, which can cause some problems. If you don't keep your teeth clean around the posts, then you could end up with calcification spots. Read More 

Oral Health Tips For Caring For Your Dentures

15 May 2020
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Dentures are replacement for permanent teeth after they are removed. If you are missing all your natural teeth, then you will need complete dentures. You should take special care of your dentures for you to maintain oral health. Here are helpful tips on how to handle and clean your dentures. Give Them a Break  Remove your dentures before you go to bed. That allows the tissues of the mouth to recover from wearing them throughout the day. Read More 

Why You Might Choose Composite Veneers Over Porcelain Veneers

28 April 2020
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When your teeth have seen better days, veneers can help to restore their beauty and functionality. And in some cases, your teeth might even look better than they ever have with the help of veneers. But which veneer do you choose? Porcelain veneers are clearly stronger and more beautiful than composite veneers. But despite that, you might still choose composite veneers over them. You Might Need a Quick Makeover When you need an aesthetic makeover fast, composite veneers are the way to go. Read More