5 Tips for Feeling Comfortable in Braces

21 February 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Braces are great for straightening your smile, but many people feel uncomfortable wearing them at first. Here are five tips that can help you get used to your new braces so they don't cause you any discomfort.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

When you first get braces, you might notice that they alter the way you speak. Even eating might feel strange for a while. If you feel self-conscious, practice talking to yourself and eating your favourite foods at home before you go out and meet your friends. You will soon adapt to the braces and be able to speak normally.

2. Brush Thoroughly But Gently

Getting braces can make your teeth feel sensitive for a while. Use a soft manual toothbrush or fit a sensitive brush head to your electric toothbrush and brush on sensitive mode to avoid aggravating sensitivity. If your toothbrush has a pressure sensor, you can use that to work out when you are pressing too hard on your braces, which can bend the wires into less comfortable positions.

Even if brushing feels strange at first, you should not stop doing it every day. Keeping your teeth clean is even more important when you have braces as plaque and tartar can form in hard-to-reach spots around the wires, increasing your risk of cavities.

3. Find the Right Flossing Tool

Cleaning between your teeth is also important when you have braces. However, using string floss can be difficult or even impossible when you have fixed wires on your teeth. As an alternative, you can try using interdental brushes or a water flosser. Be sure to use your preferred flossing tool every day to prevent plaque from building up between your teeth.

4. Opt for Invisible or Custom Braces

If wearing braces causes you social discomfort, ask your dentist about other options, such as invisible or custom braces. With custom braces, you have more options about the placement and colour of the brackets, giving you more control over your appearance. Clear braces, such as Invisalign, are almost invisible, which means you can wear them with no embarrassment at all.

5. Don't Suffer in Silence

If your braces cause you a lot of physical discomfort, let your dentist know. They might be able to clip off stray wires or adjust the tension on the braces to make them feet more comfortable. Ideally, braces should feel like they are exerting pressure on your teeth without being painful.