Can a Cracked Tooth Heal Itself?

24 February 2020
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Have you cracked one of your teeth? Then you might be wondering whether you can leave your tooth to heal by itself or not. Teeth can heal themselves in some instances. However, it all depends on how severe the crack is. In some cases, a cracked tooth can heal itself completely, but in other cases, only the intervention of a dentist can save the tooth.

Craze Lines Can Heal

Your teeth come under a lot of pressure each day. As well as normal activities, such as chewing and speaking, other activities like nail biting, opening packets and chewing on pens all contribute to tooth wear and tear. Dentists refer to early-stage cracks as craze lines. These cracks are tiny surface cracks that might be visible in certain lighting conditions. These cracks don't typically require treatment.

Since craze lines are only on the tooth surface, your teeth can heal these cracks. They do this through remineralization, which occurs when minerals like phosphorous and calcium in your saliva bolster your tooth enamel. However, to ensure your teeth have the best chance of healing, eat mineral-rich foods like almonds and fish.

Large Cracks Will Not Heal Alone

Your bones can heal themselves because they have access to your body's wealth of resources and abilities. This is because they have a blood supply, which delivers everything your bones need to regenerate. Tooth enamel has no connection to your blood supply at all once it has formed and hardened when you are a baby.

If a large crack appears in one of your teeth then, the compromised enamel layer will not heal itself. Some healing will occur inside the dentin layer, but this is only how your body protects the nerve that resides inside the tooth. The second layer of tooth, called dentin, can generate a new layer inside the pulp chamber to protect the nerve. However, damaged dentin does not fully regenerate.

A Cracked Tooth Needs a Dentist

If the crack in your tooth is large or extends below the gum line, then you need the intervention of emergency dental services. Remember, since enamel does not regenerate if badly damaged, anything you put in your mouth can find its way inside your damaged tooth. That means acids and sugars from food you eat may enter the tooth and speed up its failure.

In addition, bacteria will also take advantage of the damage. If bacteria find their way to the nerve, tooth decay and an abscess will soon follow.

Have you cracked a tooth? Then see your dentist as soon as you can. With a timely filling or dental crown, you can avoid any further complications.