How Can I Straighten a Single Tooth?

4 March 2020
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Just one crooked tooth can ruin an entire smile. And, if you are unable to smile freely because of that, your confidence will suffer. When just a single tooth in the smile zone is crooked, it's probably because your teeth have crowded together at the front of your mouth. Fortunately, you have a number of options when it comes to straightening just one tooth.

If your smile is suffering due to a single crooked tooth, the following treatments can help to correct the issue.

Clear Aligners Corrects Minor Issues

Traditional braces are great for correcting moderate to major issues with crooked teeth. But when it comes to one tooth, you need something a little less extreme. Clear aligners are ideal for straightening just one tooth because their main function is to correct minor misalignment issues. Moreover, you can straighten the tooth gradually without having to spend months in conspicuous braces.

You might be able to straighten the tooth in 6 months without anyone else knowing you underwent orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Veneers Disguise Crooked Teeth

It is normal for a dentist to place at least 4 porcelain veneers to improve a smile. However, if your teeth are in good condition apart from the single crooked tooth, you can cover that crooked tooth with a porcelain veneer. This approach is ideal for patients who don't have time to undergo a course of clear aligners or traditional braces.

Using the dentist's impression of your teeth, the ceramist who designs the porcelain veneer will create a veneer that is the same shade and shape as your natural teeth. The only downside to this treatment is that to affix the veneer to your tooth, your dentist will need to remove some of the enamel from the crooked tooth.

Composite Bonding Is Cheaper but Weaker

One temporary approach that you can take is to disguise the crookedness of the tooth with composite bonding. Composite bonding is the same as a white filling used to repair decayed or damaged teeth. A skilled dentist can use this material to sculpt your crooked tooth into a tooth that appears straight.

However, while this approach will help to boost your confidence, allowing you to smile, it won't correct other issues, such as how your crooked tooth comes into contact with other teeth when eating. This is a good approach for a patient who isn't yet ready for braces or veneers because it is inexpensive and non-invasive.

Do you have a single crooked tooth that is holding your smile back? Then one of the above approaches can help you correct the issue.

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