Two Situations in Which You Must Get a Custom-Made Mouthguard

9 March 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

While shop-bought sports mouthguards that are supposed to fit anyone's mouth can be used if you're in a bind, there are countless instances in which custom-made mouthguards, produced by dentists, are the superior choice. Below you'll find two examples of situations that could call for the creation of a bespoke sports mouthguard.

You have at least one large tooth that juts out at a sharp angle

If you have a few larger-than-average teeth which jut out of your mouth at sharp angles, then you must avoid 'universal' sports mouthguards at all costs and should instead get in touch with a dentist that produces custom-made versions of this dental device. If your teeth have any unique features, the shop-bought mouthguard will not fit correctly. If your face were to be hit while wearing this improperly fitting dental device, it could slide off your jutting teeth at this critical juncture and leave your mouth completely unprotected, which could then lead to you suffering multiple oral injuries.

If you have teeth like this, you must get your dentist to design a sports mouthguard that has extra space in the area where your jutting teeth are located so that the dental device is not straining to cover these areas. Ensuring that it fits over these unusually positioned, bigger teeth will mean that it will not slip off if your face is hit while you're wearing it.

You are saving up for an expensive dental treatment and do not have much money

If you have been saving up for an expensive dental treatment and you don't have much money, then the idea of buying one of the 'universal-fit' mouthguards that are available in shops might seem more sensible than ordering a bespoke mouthguard from a dentist (which could cost quite a bit more).

However, although it might feel counterintuitive, it is worth doing a bit of economising in other areas of your life so that you can opt for the pricier, custom-made mouthguard. The risk of you sustaining a major oral injury during your contact-sport matches will be higher if you wear a mouthguard that is ill-fitting, than if you wear one that fits perfectly. A shop-bought version of this device simply cannot protect your mouth to the same degree that a bespoke one can because it will not be made for your mouth's unique dimensions and contours.

The injuries you get as a result of wearing a cheap mouthguard may leave you with large dental bills. For example, if you get a couple of teeth knocked out and need to have dentures or dental implants made, the cost of this treatment could wipe out your savings and, in doing so, might lead to you having to wait much longer to get the original treatment you had been saving up for. By investing in a mouthguard that has been made just for you, you can ensure that you get your dream dental treatment sooner rather than later.