How to Care for Your Teeth After a Teeth Cleaning

13 March 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Going for a teeth cleaning at least once a year leaves your teeth and mouth feeling pleasantly fresh. Because teeth cleaning removes tartar and bacteria from your teeth and gums, your risk of tooth decay and gum disease decreases drastically after a cleaning. Moreover, your breath smells fresher than ever.

But once you walk out of the dental clinic, you have to remember that your oral environment has now changed, albeit for the better. Because of that, you'll need to ensure you change your oral hygiene practices and eating habits for a while.

Gargle Salt Water to Soothe Your Gums

After a dental cleaning, your gum tissues will be sore. This is because your dentist needs to scrape tartar away from your teeth and gums with tools that sometimes brush against your gums. For a few days then, your gums will be slightly inflamed and sore. To soothe any lingering pain, mix one teaspoon of salt with warm water and gargle several times per day. This will reduce the pain.

Avoid Hot and Cold Drinks for a While

Since the areas of your teeth that were once covered with tartar are now exposed to your oral environment, they will be more sensitive than ever before. That means you should refrain from drinking hot and cold drinks, as during this time the sensations your teeth normally feel will be even stronger than usual. As such, avoid anything with extreme temperatures.

Although every patient is different, your teeth should return to normal within a week or so. You should then be able to enjoy hot or cold drinks.

Eat Soft Foods

As mentioned earlier, your gum tissues will be sore for a while after a dental cleaning. They may also bleed occasionally when you eat or brush your teeth. For a few days then, eat soft foods like mashed potato and rice. Avoid eating tough foods like steak or popcorn that might rub against your gums. Once your gums have healed fully, you can then enjoy tougher foods.

Brush and Floss Gently

Remember: your gum tissues are still healing. While you brush then, your gums might bleed a little bit, but this is normal. However, ensure that you brush your teeth and gums gently while your gums are still healing. Brushing too hard will prolong the healing process and could damage your gums further.

Are you about to have your teeth cleaned? Then be sure to follow the above advice afterwards. Reach out to a dentist near you to learn more.