3 Top Reasons Why Your Child Needs Early Dentist Services

13 April 2020
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You may assume that you should wait for your child to get a full set of teeth before taking them to a dentist. However, dentist services are not all about the teeth. General dentistry also involves the gums and lips. The Australian Dental Association recommends taking your child to the dentist when their first teeth begin to show or when they are a year old. Taking your child to the dentist from a young age offers many benefits. 

Get To See How the Teeth Develop

During the dental visit, the dentists examine the growth and development of the child's teeth. That will help them identify any potential issues at an early stage. The sequence of how their teeth erupt may have variations. Besides, the quality of the child's teeth may be influenced by past medical issues during the pregnancy or infancy stage. That means their teeth may be at risk of decaying. The dental professional will help you identify these issues. These professionals will then advise on proper oral hygiene.

Smiling Affects Self-Esteem

The emotional health of your child is as important as their physical health. When a child is not proud of their teeth, they will avoid smiling. They will not want people to see their teeth. The appearance of their teeth may also lead to teasing or bullying. You can prevent such issues by taking your child to a dentist from an early stage. People who smile often have happier lives. Your child should always smile as it shows confidence. You can get recommendations on how to take proper care of your child's teeth from the dentist.

Prevent Dental Fear

Many people avoid dental visits. But you should realise that dental care keeps changing every time. Dental experts keep trying to find ways to make the dental experience less painful. Dental care for children has dramatically improved. Your child does not have to get an unpleasant experience during their dental visit. So, you should begin taking them to see a dental expert when they are still young. That will help them get used to dental treatment. 


It is vital to know the best way to prepare when taking your child for their first dentist visit. As a parent in Australia, you should also know that there are free dental services available for your child. These are provided under government schemes. The Australian Dental Association offers free dental services for every child less than 18 years of age. You should visit their site to find out if your child can qualify to get these services. With free dental services, what is your excuse for not taking your child to the dentist?

Speak with a kid's dentist to learn more about taking your child to the dentist.