How To Take Great Care Of Your New Dentures

13 April 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Getting dentures can be a great development in your life, allowing you to eat your favourite foods and feel confident about your smile, but it is important to know how to take care of them. This guide explains three things you need to do to take great care of your dentures.

Adjust Your Diet

In theory, you can eat anything you like with dentures, as unlike braces or dental implants, you can take them out of your mouth and clean them thoroughly. In practice, there are certain foods that might be unpleasant to eat with dentures as they can make your dentures shift, putting pressure on your gums. Very Well Health explains some foods you should be careful with, such as raw vegetables, crusty bread, and tough meat, so you may want to reduce these items in your diet. There are also a few things that you might want to avoid so that you don't crack or break your dentures, such as popcorn kernels, boiled sweets, and nuts. If you aren't sure what you should eat, your dentist will be able to give you advice.

Clean Your Dentures Daily

In order to keep your dentures in great condition, you should clean them thoroughly every day. If you don't, then bacteria will build up in your dentures, which isn't great for your mouth. It will also help you to notice cracks, fissures, and other issues that you will need to get fixed, as during cleaning is the only time that you'll be looking at your dentures up close. Take your dentures out every day and clean them with a soft brush, making sure all food is removed, and soak them overnight in a cleaning solution. As the Mayo Clinic explains, you should also brush the inside of your mouth at this time. Your dentist will be able to explain fully how to clean your dentures.

See Your Dentist Regularly

However careful you are with your dentures, it is inevitable that you will have problems with them at some point, whether they start to irritate your gums, develop a crack, or fall apart. Your dentist will be able to see some of these problems before they start, so it's important to attend regular appointments. You can also ask questions about your dentures or request that they adjust your dentures to fit your mouth better. It is also really important that you see your dentist for denture repairs, as they will know exactly what to do. As the Vancouver Courier explains, you might be tempted to fix your dentures yourself, but this can be dangerous and risks damaging them further, so it's vital that you see a professional.

If you work hard on adjusting your diet to suit your new dentures, clean them every day, and attend regular dentist appointments, you can keep your dentures in excellent condition, therefore making your experience with them more positive.