Oral Health Tips For Caring For Your Dentures

15 May 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Dentures are replacement for permanent teeth after they are removed. If you are missing all your natural teeth, then you will need complete dentures. You should take special care of your dentures for you to maintain oral health. Here are helpful tips on how to handle and clean your dentures.

Give Them a Break 

Remove your dentures before you go to bed. That allows the tissues of the mouth to recover from wearing them throughout the day. If that option does not work for you, take them out for about eight hours during the day. If your dentures have metal clasps, soak them in warm water. Use a vinegar and water solution for dentures without metal clasps. Soaking helps remove plaque, tartar and bacteria that may be present.

Clean Them Every Day

Though dentures are not real teeth, they need standard cleaning. That is because they can still accumulate bacteria and stains. Dentures with plaque can cause problems with the teeth underneath. You should always clean the dentures with a regular brush with soft bristles. Do not use the same brush you use on your teeth. You can also purchase special denture brushes. Some products you can use to clean the dentures include mildly abrasive toothpaste and a mild dishwashing detergent. You can find various products at the drugstore for denture cleaning.

Practise Caution When Handling Them

Dentures do not come cheap and can break easily. That is why you should be careful when handling them. Clean them over a folded towel or a water bowl in case they fall during the process. Also, avoid using toothpicks when you put them on. Never use hard brushes and strong cleaners on the dentures. All these are elements that could cause damage to the dentures. Also, ensure they are away from the reach of children or pets in the house.

Look Out for Changes in Fit

Sometimes the dentures can fail to fit correctly or start feeling wrong in the mouth. Go to the dentist anytime you notice any of these issues. The bones and gums in your mouth change over time, causing an improper fit of the dentures. Pain and sores are some issues you will face from improperly fitting dentures. Sometimes, you can also get abdominal problems from swallowing air. The dental experts can adjust the dentures to fit you.


Regular visits to the dentist will ensure your dentures are always in good shape. The dental professionals will also let you know the right oral health steps to take.