When Should You Get Dentures?

5 June 2020
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Dentures are not as strong or as flexible as your natural teeth. But, despite that, they are a considerable improvement on no teeth or badly damaged teeth. In fact, a single denture can help you to conserve the remaining teeth in your mouth. 

But when is it a good time to get dentures?

You Can't Eat Without Pain

If eating causes you pain, then this is a good time to see your dentist about getting dentures. Eating on broken teeth can cause you considerable pain. And when this happens, you might not chew as much as you should. This means you'll probably swallow larger pieces of food, something that will give you indigestion and acid reflux.

You No Longer Enjoy Eating

If you find that eating is more of a chore than a pleasure, dentures can help bring back the joys of eating. When you find yourself no longer reaching for your favourite foods because you can't chew them or they cause you discomfort, then consider replacing your lost and broken teeth with dentures.

Your Remaining Teeth Are Suffering

If you see that your remaining teeth are beginning to chip, break and wear down, this is the ideal time to get dentures. Unfortunately, while eating without some of your teeth, your remaining teeth suffer more wear and tear than usual. Getting dentures now can help to conserve your remaining teeth and save you money on dental treatment in the near future.

Your Bare Gums Are Sore

If eating leaves your gums feeling sore, now is the time to invest in dentures. When you put pressure on your sensitive gums, you damage the gum tissue and cause the bone underneath to resorb. Eventually, your facial structure could change due to bone loss.

You Have an Upcoming Social Arrangement

If you have a wedding or job interview to attend in the near future, dentures can help give you the confidence you need to attend the event in comfort and ease. Dentures will allow you to smile and communicate without worrying about how your teeth look.

Dentures Can Provide Relief in Many Ways

Living with missing teeth isn't easy. But dentures can replace lost teeth so you can stay healthy by eating the right kinds of foods, and stay happy by continuing to socialize as you once did, without fear.

If your missing teeth have changed your life in a negative way, then now is a good time to see your dentist. Together, you can consider your options and work out if dentures are right for you.