Key Elements to Look Out for When Seeking Aesthetic Dental Services

17 July 2020
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Everyone dreams of having a perfect smile. However, some people are not endowed with well-aligned teeth, which affects their self-esteem. Be it chipped or decayed teeth, a defective smile might limit the ability of an individual to interact with other people. Thanks to improved technology and procedures, it is now possible to achieve the desired smile through cosmetic dentistry. Before booking an appointment, understand the following essential requirements.

Tooth Type

Teeth are classified into different types based on shape and location, including molars and premolars. Unknown to many people, tooth type has a significant impact on aesthetic restoration decisions. In most instances, cosmetic restoration focuses on premolars since they form part of a smile. It is less common to encounter people who want to have their molars reshaped or aligned. Besides, front- and middle-placed teeth are easy to work on in comparison to molars which are located at the back. With proper advice in this regard, you can make the right judgement when seeking to improve your dental outlook.

Bone Tissue Enhancement

When someone loses a tooth, bone resorption will occur at some point, which presents a challenge during implant placement. If the supporting bone is inadequate, a sinus surgery might be necessary to graft the bone to the right level, which further complicates the process. When natural gum dimensions are affected and need fixing, then you begin to understand the challenges associated with teeth restoration since multiple procedures must be undertaken before the dental structure is restored. The dental procedures involved require specialised training for the best results. Therefore, you need to find a specialist when bone tissue enhancement is involved. The procedure does not come cheap.

Teeth Whitening

Some aesthetic dental services are simple and straightforward, such as teeth whitening. Most people that desire a perfect smile only want teeth whitening since they may already possess a well-aligned dental structure. Despite teeth whitening being touted as safe, patients might experience some adverse side effects. For instance, tooth sensitivity is a common complaint among people that have undergone the procedure. Besides, some procedures are permanent and irreversible, with enamel damage being an apt example. While someone is encouraged to prioritize their oral health, the dental procedures being sought should be evaluated to minimize severe side effects. A qualified dentist is best placed to advise patients on the safest remedies in pursuit of the perfect smile.

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