Three Stages To Expect During Professional Teeth Whitening

14 October 2020
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When it comes to the hierarchy of popular cosmetic dental procedures, teeth whitening is indubitably a widely sought-after treatment by a majority of adults. Although you have the option of purchasing at-home whitening kits, you should know that the only way to ensure that this procedure goes off without a hitch and you achieve the results you want is by opting for in-office teeth whitening. Since this option involves much more than its at-home DIY kits counterparts do, you could be unfamiliar with the steps involved. Therefore, to help you discern what you are getting into, here are three stages to expect during professional teeth whitening.

A comprehensive oral exam

What some people are unaware of regarding in-office teeth whitening is that not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure. Various factors can influence whether dental teeth whitening will be a viable solution to the discolouration. Additionally, the dentist needs to determine the severity and type of stains you have accumulated over time so that they can establish what type of whitening solution will be the most effective for your needs. Hence, a thorough examination is a crucial first step, as it lets the dentist learn as much as they can about their patient. This information will then guide them in ensuring the whitening process results in a bright, natural-looking smile rather than your teeth looking off.

Thorough cleaning of the teeth

Even if you brush your teeth twice daily, food particles and other forms of debris are bound to adhere to hard-to-reach spaces in your mouth. Moreover, when you take into account the gradual accumulation of plaque and tartar over the years, you will quickly realise that cleaning is an essential step before the whitening process is underway. To begin with, the cleaning process will aid with enhancing the whitening effects since your teeth will be restored as close to their natural shade as possible. Additionally, the cleaning process provides the dentist with a smooth surface that is optimal to work on.

Segregating damaged tissue and whitening

The last stage that goes into in-office teeth whitening is the isolation of any damaged oral tissue before the whitening gel is applied and the process underway. Bleaching agents can cause severe sensitivity in some patients even if it is temporary, it can make the whitening process extremely uncomfortable. To avoid this discomfort, the dentist will employ dental dams to safeguard parts such as your inner cheeks, tongue and even your gums before the bleaching agent is applied. Application of the whitening gel can be done directly onto the surface of the teeth or via the use of tailor-made trays. The UV light then activates the gel and the process can take anywhere between half an hour to a couple of hours.

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